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Bird House and Bird Feeder kit for Children to Build | DIY Paint kit for Girls and Boys Between Ages 5-12 | Woodworking Bird House and Bird Feeder for Kids and Adults | Ages 3-5,6-8,8-12 Crafts.

Price: $18.98
(as of Jun 20,2021 13:22:46 UTC – Details)

Birdhouse and bird feeder kits for Kids and Adults to build by AMDAP products What’s included DIY Bird house kit bird feeder kit 12 paint pots1 brush Glue Birdhouse kits, outdoor paint kit for kids, DIY projects for Kids and adults , wooden building kits e.t.c. Clean your feeders about once every two weeks, more often during times of heavy use or wet weather or if there have been reports of salmonella in your area or you have seen sick birds in your yard. If you want to leave feedback after ordering we will be happily waiting to hear from you. Your Suggestions are always welcome. For now go and enjoy your wooden birdhouses to paint!

✅ PREMIUM wooden paint crafts for ages 5 and above. High quality and complete set of bird feeder kit and birdhouse kit. The kit Includes wood pieces, rope for hanging, 12 paint pots, paintbrush, glue and instructions.100% guaranteed to satisfy the whole family, especially the birds.
✅ STIMULATES your creativity: DIY projects push your creative boundaries. It makes you think . It makes you find solutions to your problems. It not only improves your existing set of skills, but they also help you gain new skills. This happiness stimulates the secretion of serotonin, or “The Happy Hormone” and it will give you an overall sense of well-being.
✅ A MEANINGFUL Gift for any occasion: Bird feeder for Kids to Unleash their Creative Side With Crafts and passion for nature.
✅ ENJOY this unique DIY birdhouse with a bird feeder, for all members of the family from adults to children alike. It can be hung in the Balcony or tree branch to feed the birds passing by your house. Natural relaxing music of Birds CHIRPING in your backyard or Balcony: By hanging it on the tree branch or in your Balcony with some bird feed inside will attract birds to sit in it and feed themselves while making their beautiful Chirping music of Relaxation.
🐦 When the BIRD FEED themselves in the BIRD FEEDER and sings. People find it very relaxing and reassuring because over thousands of years humans have learnt, when the birds sing, they are safe. It is when birds stop singing that people get worried. Birds singing is also nature’s alarm clock. Singing their chorus at the rise of dawn signal’s the start of the day, and thus stimulates us cognitively.