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Price: $2.99
(as of Jun 19,2021 06:21:58 UTC – Details)

Where do your cousins live?   How are cousins related?  Do your children know their family history? 

These are just some of the questions answered with cute illustrations of squirrels on trips, family picnics, or just hanging around their family tree. Show your children where your family lives throughout the USA with a map, and then fill out a family tree together at the end of book!

Cousins is a wonderful picture book about the bonds of family.   Children will enjoy learning about how they are related to cousins, while parents will love explaining the connection.  A great way to remember loved ones near, far or departed.   This book is great for all ages, and helps to bring families together…. by learning their shared history.  

Don’t have a large family?   Your close friends’ kids may also be referred to as cousins, and that is in book too!

If you enjoy colorful illustrations, bushy tailed squirrels, and talking about your family, then this is the book for you!

Purchase a copy for your family today!  Once family tree is filled out, this book can be a heirloom for future generations.

<3 Just a note about the page showing a wedding, this is not a wedding of cousins, but a bride and her maid of honor... her cousin. So many of us have our cousins in our weddings and that was the point of this illustration, hence why they both have bouquets, and only one veil. <3