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Dinosaur Excavation Kits For Kids,Dino Dig Kits T-Rex,Triceratops and Diplodocus,Dinosaur Fossil Excavation Kits ,Children’s Popular Science Education Toys – Dinosaur DIY Toys(Three-piece suit)

Price: $35.99
(as of Jun 14,2021 14:44:03 UTC – Details)

Material: Environmental Gypsum+Natural Resin

Archaeological Method
1.Open the color box, take out the plaster block buried with dinosaurs, put it on a newspaper or white paper for easy cleaning of gypsum dust, prepare digging tools, brushes and sticks. In order to avoid soot sucking into the nasal cavity, it is best to wear a mask.
2.Using archaeological tools, dig out buried treasure gypsum block, pay attention to strength to avoid destruction of them.
3.Dig out all dinosaur bone parts and wash them with water.
4.Assemble works, archaeological excavations completed, you can find information about dinosaurs, popular science education, to deepen the impression.

★It gets SUPER dusty. I mean crazy dusty. So do this outside if possible. We ended up vacuuming like crazy and it was like a mini duststorm.
★After-sale Service:100% brand new and high quality.If you not satisfied with our products can be a full refund.

【EXCITING ARCHEOLOGY LESSON】DIY puzzle handmade products can cultivate children’s practical ability, independent thinking ability to stimulate children’s potential to give full play to the children’s imagination space, comprehensive training of children’s various skills, so that children develop good interests and hobbies
【TOP GRADE MATERIAL】Environmental Gypsum (No Pollution, Odorless, Safe and Non-toxic)Natural Resin (Resin Derived From Plant Secretions,Has No Harm to Human Body, Toughness is Good, and It is Not Easy to Break)
【LATEST PRODUCT】It’s Lifelike (It’s the same color as the dinosaur skeleton shown in the museum, the skeleton is stitched together and placed on your desk or bookshelf is your exquisite collection.) Exquisite Workmanship (Fine Skeleton,Jointed Dinosaur Joints Can Be Moved)
【BONUS】(A $5.99 × 3 Value!)Whenever you buy our products, we give you a creative dinosaur tattoo sticker.Waterproof, adhesive to human skin or plastic
【100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED】We believe in our Premium Quality products. Should you have any issues, worries or concerns you are backed by our 100% Customer Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee. Return for any reason and receive a full refund