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Going Online with Protocols: New Tools for Teaching and Learning

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Many users of the popular professional development book The Power of Protocols have discovered that protocols are also very useful for online teaching. This new book, by three of the same authors, focuses on using protocols to enhance learning with their students in multiple environments including online―a growing sector of the educational world. Going Online with Protocols lays out the diverse challenges faced by teachers and facilitators in the online world and provides readers with strategies to tackle them. The authors include online adaptations for such traditional protocols as the Tuning Protocol, the Collaborative Assessment Conference, and the Consultancy Protocol. They also offer entirely new protocols unique to the online environment. This dynamic resource combines a rich theoretical background with step-by-step illustrations of powerful protocols, along with tips on how and when to use them.

Book Features:

  • The only book to specifically address teaching with protocols.
  • Detailed guidance to help experienced online teachers use protocols.
  • Clear steps for newcomers to teaching online or teaching with Web 2.0 tools.
  • Descriptions of each protocol including its purpose, the steps in the process, and facilitation tips.
  • Protocols suited to a wide variety of technology platforms, ranging from pure text-based to multisensory environments.
  • A free supplement at with abbreviated protocols that can be downloaded and customized.