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Space Racers Parent and Educator Toolkit – DVD and CD-ROM – 13 Full Episodes – Lesson Plans – Family Activities – Bonus Video Material – STEM Content for Preschoolers – Homeschool Resources

Price: $9.99
(as of Jun 14,2021 15:23:07 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Space Racers Activity BooksSpace Racers Activity Books

Space Racers follows Eagle, Robyn, Hawk, Starling, Raven and their fellow cadets as they explore the Solar System and the Universe. This Educator’s Toolkit includes a DVD with 13 full episodes of the Space Racers TV show, as well as bonus live-action video segments; a CD-ROM with full lesson plans and other materials; engaging lessons for parents, homeschoolers, and educators to use with students to explore the educational STEM themes presented in the Space Racers TV show; and printable activity sheets for kids. This is engaging STEM content for Preschoolers; perfect for Classrooms, Homes, and Homeschoolers.

Space Racers is built on the premise that scientific exploration and investigation are often highly collaborative processes, where knowledge building requires working with others, respect for differences, and an open mind. With an underlying theme of teamwork and cooperation, the series models a range of useful strategies, thought processes, and approaches, helping young children to develop these essential, age-appropriate skills. This collaboration guides the series’ storytelling, highlighting specific behaviors that can help to make one an effective and valuable member of a team.

science experiment stem preschool activity homeschool spaceracersscience experiment stem preschool activity homeschool spaceracers

Preschool-Level STEM Activities

Materials include fun, hands-on STEM activities to teach preschool and kindergarten children how to conduct an experiment, compare and contrast objects, record results and discuss their findings. Great for parents, teachers and homeschoolers.

science activities crafts stem preschool homeschool spaceracersscience activities crafts stem preschool homeschool spaceracers

Hands-On Science Projects for Kids

Activities include hands-on projects like make your own crater. Teach preschool and kindergarten children about what a crater is and how it is formed.

spaceracers tv volcano preschool stemspaceracers tv volcano preschool stem

Includes Full Episodes of Space Racers TV Show

Episodes include “Vulture’s Volcano,” when the the Space Racers Cadets encounter Vulture’s latest greedy plan. Space Racers provides young children with exposure to key aspects of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) curriculum. By focusing on science and technology concepts, information, methods, and practices, the series helps set the stage for future success in these critical academic areas.

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spaceracers coloring activity stem preschool mars

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tshirt spaceracers cadets preschool stem

mars storybook preschool stem spaceracers

mars storybook preschool stem spaceracers

Color & Activity Book Set

STEM content at a preschool level presented in a fun, entertaining way. Activities include Matching & Memory Games, Puzzles, Word Searches, and so much more! Lots of opportunities for children to use their imaginations as they join the Cadets on a Mission to Mars.

Cadet T-Shirts

SPACE RACERS CADETS: Collect all of the Space Racers T-Shirts

BIG BRIGHT GRAPHICS: Each Space Racers T-Shirt features big images of the cadets, bright colors, and bold logos

OFFICIALLY LICENSED: Each Space Racers T-Shirt is 100% officially licensed

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Mars Adventure Book with Tattoos

Full-color storybook for preschoolers

Go on an adventure to Mars with the Space Racers Cadets!

Includes sheet of full-color tattoos for extra fun

Lesson Plans
13 Full TV Show Episodes
Family Activities
Bonus Live-Action Video Segments