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Street Tennis Club Tennis Rackets for Kids Proper Equipment Helps You Learn Faster and Play Better!

Price: $19.99
(as of Jun 14,2021 14:45:42 UTC – Details)

From the brand

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Using fun, engaging tools, we equip parents with everything they need to keep their kids active.

Our story

How we got our start?

We launched Street Tennis Club after realizing the sharp decline in youth sports after the bright young age of 13. We believe that decline is not due to a lack of interest or perseverance in our youth, but a weak foundation and lack of structure in the developmental stages of youth sports.

What makes our product unique?

We found a way to lower the barriers to entry (for both parents and children) and make tennis accessible without all the impractical expenses. Our mission is to set youth athletes up for success with the foundational skills they’ll need regardless of which sport they end up falling in love with.

Why we love what we do?

At Street Tennis Club, we’re a family with a lifetime of professional experience and an understanding of how to set our youth up for success. We love what we do because we teach your children the necessary skills to feel comfortable pursuing their athletic aspirations for years to come.

HIGHER CHANCE OF TENNIS BALL CONTACT – Using the proper racket also helps in hitting the ball more often during a game or practice
CHOOSE FROM DIFFERENT SIZES – This racket is available in 17, 19, and 21 inch
GREAT BUILD AND FINISH – This racket is made from top-quality Aluminum and is available in different colors
FREE GAME INCLUDED – This tennis racket comes with a free video game that you can play on your driveway