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The Everything Kids’ Games & Puzzles Book: Secret Codes, Twisty Mazes, Hidden Pictures, and Lots More – For Hours of Fun!

Price: $9.99
(as of Jun 15,2021 18:52:55 UTC – Details)

Peculiar puzzles, ridiculous riddles, and a-mazing mazes guaranteed to keep the fun rolling!

What’s not to love about puzzles? Unlocking answers, solving mysteries, breaking codes–you’re practically a super-spy and you haven’t even left your house. Not to mention how puzzles prove what a superior brain you have! The Everything Kids’ Games and Puzzles Book is chock-full of more than 100 challenging and satisfying word games, logic puzzles, and brain teasers, including:

  • To the Top: A silly mountainside maze
  • Splash: Hidden pictures out at sea
  • See You Later: An around-the-world word search
  • X-treme Sports: Wild and crazy picture puzzles
  • And many, many more!

Perfect for rainy days, car trips, or after school, these games, puzzles, riddles, and mazes will help you have fun no matter what the day brings. So sharpen your pencil and get ready to puzzle!

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